JD Scott, poet and editor, is clearly more than the sum of his parts, whether they be familiar tarot cards or well travelled Brooklyn alleys. He is a man of intriguing contrast and exuberant talent, especially in rendering characters. His poems are rich with images royal, mundane, and at…

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I have a series of old old old poems (written circa 2009 when I was in a poetry/nonfiction form & technique class during my MFA program) up at Two Serious Ladies today. They are my imaginings about the island of Pitcairn. 


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but there’s something awkward about it like you’re supposed to be better than you are and keep the sun in your mouth”

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When the volcanic sand stops falling in my hour glass I wake up and go to Death School.
I ride the death bus down the avenues of the dead.
I hoist the Jolly Roger up the flag pole.
I am first chair in the bone flute, which I carved myself.
I specialize in requiems and sing the Lacrimosa



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