"Courtney Love is still in my heart
every time I fall through someone else
my plastic ponies trotting off the shelf”


Ever wanted to read nine poems about Lana Del Rey songs? You’re in luck, because I wrote nine and they’re here at boringrain.com.

Many thanks to Nitsuh for helping me with this.



"Horrids, at first sight, is not even a space, but a humid maze of bodies. London becomes for Ruth a series of grubby rented rooms the color of dud avocados. But while shopping in Liberty, Ruth beams when the clerks at Liberty call out and say, “Oh, you look like a little Parisian girl!” In…


Lucas de Lima writes, "Me and my superstar fellow readers, I must point out, are not battling each other as opponents. Far from it, we’re joining forces as the one and only LATINA GURLESQUE, a luminous, feminist, outrageous decolonial parade. Taking a SPICY, CALIENTE line of flight south of the original Gurlesque anthology, our aesthetic already throbs in contemporary performance art. Consider the mystic genitalia and unholy queer ‘spictacles’ of La Chica Boom."

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Tonight in NYC! 

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In the Bermuda Triangle they are tall and knock down airplanes. Their feet go splash!splash! in the oceanblue. In townships, they skip through the streets like an anxious breeze, lifting Jennifer’s skirt on the balcony. Honk!Honk!

The Cherryhillers: Baby, show me your ass!
In devil movies there is no god :( Teenagers self-mutilate and lights go on/off, on/off… The Blue Demon (dripdriping from the ceiling): BOO! 
Jennifer doesn’t blame him. One day he sees her snot-to-the-wall cry!ing.

The Blue Demon: AiiiEEEE!!!


"Some people wake up and immediately check the internet or look at their phones instead of trying to remember their dreams. This, to me, seems a great loss. There is so much wisdom in dreams. If we must use the internet as soon as we wake up the least we could do is use it as a way to remember our dreams (by tweeting them when we wake up)."